About Us
Our new location is 139 First Street in Stevenson.  We are located in the old Gardner Funeral Chapel on the corner of First and Leavens!  Come see our new space and get your WOD on!

Welcome to Columbia Gorge Fitness!  We are not just another gym but rather we are a community.  A community of family and friends!  A community of people committed to supporting and encouraging one another in our pursuit of fitness.

Fitness:  You won’t find any treadmills here.  No isolated movement machines.  We believe fitness should be functional.  Fitness should improve your way of life.  At Columbia Gorge Fitnesst we are committed to helping you do whatever it is you do, better!  Whether you are hitting the slopes in the winter, kite-boarding in the summer or just wanting to be stronger to carry in those groceries, we can help you!  When you are stronger and move better, guess what?  You feel better!  Regardless of why you want to get FIT, we can and will help you!